Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Perseverance + Determination = Results.

Today I want to share another story of endeavour. This story is about disappointment, setbacks and heartache but ultimately it's about the age old recipe for success that is behind all triumphs and successes. 

Laura is an elite rower who has sacrificed much in life to achieve her goals. She often trains twice a day, travelling long distances and has a job that fits around her sport. Expensive yet nutritious food is a must and any edge such as sports massage or good supplements also come at a substantial cost.

Laura had great expectations last year. A personal best was there to be smashed and with an eye on some medals she was working hard on the mental aspects of performance. All was going well, improvements were being made and obstacles were scaled and overcome. Then Laura's trials and tribulations started..

For several months Laura suffered with colds, infections and sinusitis. There were injuries and hospitalisations to the team and nothing was going to plan. From what seemed like a promising season a dark, empty future loomed ahead. But Laura carried on. She trained, listened, practised and above all else believed in herself. She had a powerful vision of her end goal, unwavering in its clarity despite all the challenges she faced. The mental techniques she recently embraced endured throughout her adversity however there is never any guarantee of success. But perseverance and determination give you a chance.

So what result for all this hard toil.......?

A gold medal at the British Rowing Championship and a gold medal representing England at the Home International regatta!

And in true champion fashion Laura is already focused on the next goal and working as hard as ever to succeed.  As Winston Churchill once said "when your going through hell...keep going"

If you are interested in finding out more about Laura you can read her own blog here