Saturday, 10 December 2011


As my personal fitness trainer used to say "everyone has a story". This is his response to any whining or moaning that i decide to pitch to him before our session has even began. And he is right. It's odd that I think telling him that I am tired or stressed or pressured will help me train better. It wont. Or that he will treat the session any differently and take it easy on me. He wont. He's a smart cookie. I have written before about you think, you talk, you act and these self limiting stories have no place in a high performance mentality.

However stories can be your ally. They can be uplifting, inspiring and incredibly powerful. I long ago changed my story when training to "I feel fantastic, let's go have it" and if I do slip I now catch myself before my trainer does. Go listen to the stories of any top sportsman or highly successful business person and you will hear the same thing: positivity, excitement, passion, focus, bravery.......

Everyone has a story. What's your going to be?