Saturday, 3 September 2011

Your Inner Voice

How often are you aware of the voice inside your head? Mine is currently helping me to write this blog and encouraging me to finish it today as I haven't written for a while. What does yours say to you? What is it saying now? Do you like what you hear?

I ran a great group session on this topic recently with the fantastic Laura Hussein where lots of people worked hard to examine their own inner voices and many were surprised with what they heard. This is not unusual as it's easy to let this internal dialogue just have it's say. But be wary - this voice is a powerful tool and a great ally if understood and used in a positive way. It can be critical, judgemental and assumptive. Or supportive, motivational and open minded. And remember it is your voice for you to control so take notice of it's pitch and tone. Check if it wants to help or hinder and ultimately if it is empowering or destructive.

So ignore the negative and encourage the positive and soon enough you will have your own personal inner performance coach to drive you to brilliance.