Saturday, 16 July 2011

Perception Deception

There is no reality. All we have is our perception. Hence the expression that "Perception is Reality" Each of these perceptions is unique to us as individuals and have been formed by our genes, our experiences, our environment and most importantly by how we choose to think. And they can change over time or even in an instant as the above influences shape our view of the world. But you probably knew this already? And were aware of how it affects your emotions? And regularly make allowances for the deception it can cause?

You see the issue is that we have an incomplete and often warped sense of what is going on around us. And sometimes what's going on within us. Therefore our capacity to misjudge or overreact or misunderstand is huge. It's so huge that unless you consciously challenge yourself and disassociate from your own perception you will get caught out and get led astray. Don't expect a perfect vista by applying this process but you can welcome a rationale, reasoned and well balanced picture of events.

So be aware of perception deception. And try some different viewing angles.

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