Sunday, 12 June 2011

Who's drama is this?

I've had an interesting few weeks with lots of activities, travel, expectations and pressures to get things done. Now this situation and environment is nothing new to me and I actually enjoy having so much going on to the point where I positively encourage myself to create such a hubris. However I had a blip. I got wrapped into joining the problems and spent a few days scratching my head wondering how it had happened. After a little soul searching it was clear I had not practised what I continually preach in my work, blogs and tweets - no need to dwell on in, just recognise it, process it, learn from it and move forwards. Simple.

Now this blog is not about what I did as it was fairly unspectacular but I would like to tell you the story of a response I got from an innocuous tweet I sent just making a statement of my situation. Just at the point I was getting myself back together I got a tweet reply from a valued colleague saying "note to self - who's drama is this?" It hit me so hard I nearly fell over - I kid you not. The reason that this short, uncomplicated statement had such a profound impact is it cut to the core of my issue in a heartbeat. I had allowed myself to get embroiled in other people's "dramas" which added to the problem not the solution.

Now the positives don't end there. I have paid this forward several times in the last few weeks and what seems like a throw away comment has helped numerous people both in my work team and home life. It's as good as it gets. I asked for nothing and gained everything. Yet again an example of what you focus on just happens to appear in your view.

So I would like to thank the incredible @lynnpickford. Your choice words at the perfect time were a tonic for the soul.

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