Monday, 30 May 2011

Ridicule is Rocket Fuel.

It never ceases to amaze me how much time, energy and even creativity people put into ridiculing others. Whenever somebody does something different, unusual or out of the ordinary there is always a queue of cynics and pessimists ready to pounce. Whether it's blatant, subtle or humourous, this commentary is a sure fire sign that you are on the right track to fulfilment. Since the dawn of time our greatest achievers have been locked up, chased away and even murdered. Luckily for us there is little chance of suffering such attrocities in our (civilised?) world. All we have to contend with is small minded people who would rather focus their energies on us rather than doing something for themselves. So suck it up, use ridicule as rocket fuel and go create stuff.


  1. I agree with both "Ridicule is Rocket Fuel" and "think yourself brilliant" in isolation, however I also have another view. If instead of thinking yourself brilliant you beat yourself up for being poor, do you not also gain a 'rocket fuel' effect from this? I do. In training I am constantly below my desired level and this motivates me to work harder to improve.

  2. Recognising you are below your desired level is great self awareness. And wanting to improve even better. How could you rephrase "beat yourself up for being poor" to say the same thing in a positive and empowering way?