Monday, 30 May 2011

Ridicule is Rocket Fuel.

It never ceases to amaze me how much time, energy and even creativity people put into ridiculing others. Whenever somebody does something different, unusual or out of the ordinary there is always a queue of cynics and pessimists ready to pounce. Whether it's blatant, subtle or humourous, this commentary is a sure fire sign that you are on the right track to fulfilment. Since the dawn of time our greatest achievers have been locked up, chased away and even murdered. Luckily for us there is little chance of suffering such attrocities in our (civilised?) world. All we have to contend with is small minded people who would rather focus their energies on us rather than doing something for themselves. So suck it up, use ridicule as rocket fuel and go create stuff.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Think Yourself Brilliant

I've just come back from a great golfing holiday with some good friends where we played a Ryder Cup style team event. I decided  to take the opportunity to observe and listen carefully throughout the games and also during the none golfing times to see what people said and also watch how they performed. Being a little competitive, ok a very competitive person myself, I consciously talk confidently and positively about my own intentions. Even during games whilst playing below my best my internal and external dialogue remains upbeat. However I was staggered when I realised just how much people actually talk their games down both before, during and after the match. Most of this was probably unintentional and I only noticed it so much because I was focused on listening for it. But what value does it have? Is there any reason to barrack yourself so much?  Be careful what you wish for as acts, follow words, follow thoughts. Think brilliance, say brilliant things, play brilliantly.

I was 2 down with 3 to play against the best player on tour on the final day. I had stayed up rather late the night before and had a little too much to drink. I wasn't exactly fresh. All day I had challenges with my game and was clinging on, barely! Giving my self a hard time really wasn't going to cut it. I used all the positive mental techniques at my disposal, and even with my sore head and dehydrated body I won the last hole with a sandy par to half the match. I was physically and mentally spent. And ecstatic.

So next time all you have are harsh words for yourself just reflect on how it makes you feel and what it will achieve. And say something else. The subconscious mind just does as it's told. And your in control.

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Make yourself Dispensible to become Indispensible.

Sounds like a contradiction in terms however let me explain what I mean. The idea of developing talent is all about creating an environment to help people flourish and empowering them to make their own decisions. As we know this can be a slow process with many challenges and it is certainly not a quick fix solution. When you look at any process that involves change and growth there is always a struggle, maybe pain and sometimes even suffering. Think of the development of a child, the training of a champion or any scientific breakthrough. All covered in blood, sweat and tears but wearing proud smiles and standing tall at the end of the achievement.

So once you get your team or group to these heady heights then what next? Surely you have made yourself dispensable by definition. Well it's exactly the opposite. What companies need now more than ever is talent agents, change catalysts and improvement facilitators.

Once you harness the powers of empowering you will be on a perpetual roller coaster of breeding success and the world is your proverbial oyster.

Monday, 9 May 2011

Ask not what they can do for you...

How many times do we expect people to behave or act in a certain way and then get disappointed. Even when we have told them a gazillion times what you want them to do they still let you down. Some even think its better to actually ask them to do things and this is certainly a slightly better strategy. However there is a better way which requires us to be a little more collaborative and engaging. 

Perhaps we could ask people what they expect from us first? 

Friday, 6 May 2011

Brilliance Everywhere

Todays blog is going to be an indulgent reflection on a Sales Conference I have just returned from which was simply brilliant. From spectacular prizes, challenging sessions and amazing guest speakers - it was entertaining, thought provoking, life affirming and inspiring. My simple words do not do it justice.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank two amazing people who attended the event, namely Manj and Damien Hughes.

Although a brief session, Manj spent a few minutes confirming the powerful nature of visualisation and I have had the pleasure of seeing him previously present on creating high performance teams. If you have the slightest interest in the subject I implore you to find out more here.

Now to Damien. What can I say. Creative, relevant, realistic, authentic, enthusiastic and funny. He framed most of the sessions for the day and offered extraordinary insights into human potential. There was too much great stuff to mention here so go and find out for yourself here.

I would like to personally thank them for the time they gifted me on the day and wish them the very best for the future. I've found another two heroes to add to my list.

I will leave you with two very different ways to greet people.

"I'm on the crest of a slump" - Anon

"Im fantastic, but I'll get better" - the legend that is Zig Ziglar

Remember you Think, Speak, Act. Say the wrong one often enough and guess what you'll get?